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Hey one and all. It's been a long time since a last post on here.
Let alone a long time since I updated. I just haven't been feeling it. I have been so focused on preparing everything for my unborn daughter. She will be here in a little less than three months.
I couldn't be more excited and neither can my kids. Especially my oldest daughter. I really can't wait to meet miss little Autumn. But anyways. I am going to try to get some winter and Christmas color schemes out today.

Sunday, VA which is where I call home. We got hit by that big snow storm. Where I live, we got 11.5 inches of snow. I have been snowed in since then. Cause my SUV is 2WD. Go figure, ha! Lol. But my husband has a 4WD and he has
had to go to work. Yesterday morning, ya'll I cried (hormones I blame but I was just worried) not to go. But he had to. He missed Friday, because we'd lost my vehicle key. NEVER EVER DO THAT! If you have a Chrysler. Because I am not kidding
I paid 187.00 to get a darn key, it programed to my vehicle, and towing. Yes, nightmare. THEN, I find my keys yesterday morning. OF COURSE! But oh well. Anyways.
How are you all doing? I miss talking to you all, and I promise to be more active! Much love to each and everyone!!!!


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