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November 11, 2018

Good morning people of the site world. How are you all doing? I hope you all are well. It' been a VERY long time since I done a blog post. And a lot has happened. My husband and I did find the gender, of our newewst addition. Any guesses? We are so excited. Baby #4 is due to arrive on March 30th, 2019. I am beyond excited, so are my babies. They keep saying and waiting for baby to come. My oldest every day asks when is the baby coming. It's just too cute.
I plan on updating the site soon, with some content and such. It's just been real hectic lately. And between school events, my daughter's ballet stuff. It's just been a lot hectic more than usual. But I am hoping to sit down this week and update. Also I have a new thing on here. It's a featuring site if you'd like to be there. Just message me at amandarenee2008x@gmail.com and I will put your site there. Typically it'll be a week, if no one else applies after you have. Then it could be longer, give or take. I am also doing requests for things as well. So if you'd like one, emal me at the same email above. BUT PUT WHAT YOUR APPLYING FOR IN THE SUBJECT! ETC: FEATURED SITE OR REQUESTS OR WHATEVER!.
That's it for now guys, much love to you all. Be sure to keep a look out. I will post the gender soon enough! <3

September 27, 2018

Hey everyone! So I am slowly working on putting things out. I am loving the fact it's Fall and Halloween is around the corner. Also excited that on October 23 I find out what I am having. I am so praying for a girl. I have bought a lot of girl things lately. So hoping it is a girl. So how are you all doing? I hope alright. That's pretty much for now. Other than I am now offering hosting. So if you'd like me to host you, check out the page, here. I would love to host anyone that would love hosting. I also have another new page up that features gifts from other sites, so check it out here. Bye for now you all!

September 16, 2018

Since the last time I had updated the site. I believe was over a month or two months ago. I am not sure. A lot has happened. On September 7, 2018, I lost my aunt. She was my rock, and was like my second mom. She always told everyone that I was her adopted daughter, and my kids were her grandbabies. It has taken a bad toll on me. I am very depressed, and I am always finding something of hers, that she has left at my house. Itís been very rough, and I have days I donít want to go on. That I just want to go back to that Friday.
I found her barley alive in her home that Friday evening. The images, of her precious little face, and the fear on it. I canít get out of my head. Everyone has told me that I need counseling, butÖ I will get through it. I got through it when I lost my dad in 2013 and when I lost my grandpa in 2014. Itís just hard, because my two youngest donít understand. They are constantly asking where is momaw, and when is she coming over. I just tell them sheís sleeping. Itís just so hard.
On the website. I am slowly putting my content back up. So just please bare with me. I went from WP back to PHP because my layouts on WP were messing up. Anyways, I hope you like my Halloween look. I have worked so hard on this. Anyways, thatís all guys. Take care, and thank you to the ones who have checked on me through everything I have went through in the past week. You all are true friends and I love you all dearly!